More on China CDC and National Influenza Center


Surrounded by trees and hills on the outskirts of Beijing, the sleek new buildings look like they could be part of a high-tech research park. Although plenty of research is being done at the site, it’s not about developing the next gadget or gizmo. It’s about keeping China healthy. The complex is the new headquarters of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The China CDC plays a much broader role than the CDC in America. Like its counterpart in the U.S., China’s CDC seeks to promote good health, prevent disease and prepare for new health threats. But the center is also a degree-granting academic institution and it conducts basic science research –  a function the National Institutes of Health performs in the U.S. 

The faculty delegation from University of Michigan touring the flu lab at the China CDC.

The China CDC has about 2,200 employees nationwide, and about half of them work in the new Beijing complex, built three years ago. The campus includes the Chinese National Influenza Center, which the UM SPH delegation toured (in front at left: Dr. Arnold Monto).

Below: A signpost on the China CDC campus provides a sense of some of the what’s going on there. (All photos by William Foreman, University of Michigan News Service.)


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